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 School Zone

Out of Zone Enrolments

Hillcrest Normal school has an enrolment zone. This means that families who live outside  the zone and who wish to enrol their child at the school must apply for a place. A map of the school zone is below. Please check with the school office if you are unsure whether your property is in zone.

Applications for out of zone enrolment close on the 15th October each year. {Places are allocated by priority and then by general ballot}. The Board of Trustees determine the number of out of zone places to be offered. This decision is governed by the size of the in zone intake for any year.

Priorities are:
  1. Brothers and sisters of current students at the school
  2. Siblings of past pupils of the school
  3. Any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school
  4. Children of staff or Board Member
  5. All other applicants
In Zone Enrolments

Students who live in zone may enrol at any time.  It is important that where possible families pre enrol their children. This is especially important for new entrants. We keep a register of rising fives for 2-3 years ahead of start date.  Enrolment packs are available at the school office.

Children enrolling at HNS must live permanently within the zone.  The following original documentation will need to be provided:
  • Your child's Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Parent's Passport (if the child has a parent who was not born in NZ AND does not speak English as their first  language,  we must photocopy the parent's passport for ESOL funding)
  • Proof of address : 3 forms of verification {e.g. Tenancy Agreement - Sale & Purchase Agreement - Phone account - Power account - Gas account}
  • Completed Declaration Form

 Home Zone:

All students who live within the home described below, shall be entitled to enrol at the school:
"Commencing where the Mangaonua Stream intersects Matangi Road, travel north across Morrinsville Road (SH26) to Silverdale Road and north along Silverdale Road to the intersection of Hillcrest Road.  Turn left into Hillcrest Road and travel through to the Hillcrest Road/Cambridge Road intersection.
Turn right into Cambridge Road and travel west along Cambridge Road, into Naylor Street through to the Naylor Street/Grey Street intersection.  Turn left in to Grey Street (includes east side only) and travel south along Grey Street and across Cobham Drive to a point directly opposite in the Waikato River.
Travel south along the Waikato River to the Mangaonui Stream and follow the Mangaonua Stream through to the commence point where the stream intersects with Matangi Road.  The zone also includes Matangi Road from where it intersects with the Mangaonui Stream, south to the Matangi Road/Bilsthorpe Lane intersection (includes all die road and includes Bilsthorpe Lane).
Please click here to download the map:
Please click here to download a list of specific streets in our school zone:
Students Who Move Out of Zone

If a child moves out of zone while attending HNS the school office must be advised immediately. All cases will be presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion and consideration. If the family has lived in the zone for 6 terms or more they will usually be allowed to stay. If the stay has been of short duration, the family may be asked to leave the school by the Board of Trustees. In most instances current students will be allowed to complete their education at HNS, however, siblings will not be able to enrol (out of zone procedures apply).  

Prospective Enrolments

Many parents seeking to enrol want to be shown around the school. Please contact the school office to make arrangements. We do not let children have trial times in classrooms to see if they like the school. Placement of students in classes is the professional responsibility of the senior staff.

Our staff visit and provide information packs to contributing local preschools.  New Entrants have a transition programme prior to starting. This is run by the Assistant principal.  She contacts all expected new entrants in the term prior to organise visits to school and allocate classroom places.  Please ring the school for further information.


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