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 Reporting to Parents

The school holds a meet the teacher evening early in Term 1 of any year.  This is preceded by a full parent body meeting at which the management team discuss the school achievement results from the previous year and alert parents to the types of tests and assessments which the school will be conducting with their children over the coming months.  The meet the teacher evening provides an opportunity for classroom teachers to introduce their programmes and expectations for the year to the new parent group.  This is an information sharing session to establish positive school partnerships.

The school reports formally to parents twice each year concerning the progress and development of their children.  The first occasion is in May/June by way of an interview.  The second occasion is through a written report at the end of each year.  Parents are welcome to discuss the progress of their children at other times and teachers should be proactive in seeking meetings with parents where children are causing concerns either academically or behaviourally.  Parents seeking appointments should do this through the school office or directly with the teacher.  Students are more likely to reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum when the school and home work honestly and harmoniously together.  The management team will provide back-up and mediation between parents, students and teachers on request from any party.


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