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 Special Needs
We have an active special needs programme at our School. I am responsible for looking after children with Special Needs at Hillcrest Normal School. There are a few children who are mainstreamed with high needs and these children have an Individual Education Plan.  Other children have support in the classroom from Learning Assistants so they can be included in the classroom programme as much as possible, this is our aim.

We have information available for parents to read on a wide range of topics ranging from medical information on particular disabilities to parent support networks. We can also help if you would like an assessment completed with your child. Please email me or ask me if you would like any information.  sneil@hillcrestnormal.school.nz

Specialist services we can access from the Ministry Of Education: Special Education are:

RTLB - Resource Teaching of Learning and Behaviour For students with moderate to mild learning and behaviour difficulties.

Resource Teacher of Literacy - For students with significant delays in reading and writing

Speech language therapist - for students with language delays or articulation issues

Moderate Physical Needs therapists - for students with a mild to moderate physical disability needing support from and Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist.

Most of these therapists and professionals have a referral system and particular criteria need to be met before a child's referral is accepted. Sometimes this means a therapist will work with your child at school, they may also provide home and school with a programme of ideas to work on to improve your child's abilities in particular areas. 

We can also discuss possible assessments for mental health issues, specific learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyspraxia, Autistic spectrum disorder, children with poor social skills and ADHD.  We can put you in touch with other helping agencies. 

If you would like to discuss your child's needs at school, please contact me for an appointment.

Sandra Neil

Assistant Principal


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