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 Welcome to Hillcrest Normal School

Hillcrest Normal School is a city school with over five hundred students catering for New Entrant to Year 6. We have twenty-four classrooms, with a committed team of teachers, learning assistants and administration staff.

Mission Statement

Resilient and Resourceful Learners

Meeting Challenges - Achieving Success

Ma te Mahi Ka Ora

School Philosophy

Hillcrest Normal Expectation is that Every Child will Learn Success for all is the expected outcome of education. That some may fail to learn is an unacceptable viewpoint in this school.

Learner Centredness

It is imperative that programmes are devised to meet the identified needs of children. Teachers and children set goals for improvement which are achievable and build success for all. The reverse, a system of programme oriented education, rather than child oriented education, is strongly discouraged. Teaching and children are too complex for simplistic recipes.

What is a Learner-centred Approach?

A 'learner-centred' approach means striving to meet learners' differing needs rather than offering a 'one-size-fits-all' system. Individual learner needs must be considered when making decisions about

· the content

· structure

· teaching methods

· learning activities

· resources and

· support provisions that are associated with any learning activity.

Normal School

Hillcrest Normal School is associated with the Waikato University School of Education assisting with the training of future teachers. Children benefit from the additional small group and individual tuition available.


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