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 Senior Literacy Groups
Below are the wonderful Autumn poems written by Mrs Leach's Senior Writing Groups, and in the Media Gallery to the right, there are videos of the students performing the poems.

Autumn Poems


Leaves floating forming a carpet of red and yellow.

Frosty green grass as cold as snow.

Yellow, red, brown and green are all the colours of autumn.

Colder and colder.

It keeps on getting foggier.

Piles of colours keep on getting bigger.

By Yannick

 Autumn leaves

Sharp pointy wavy edges

Silently floating like a helicopter.

Damp moss on the trees and the ground.

All the colours of fruit

Orange, green, red and lemon yellow.

Autumn is perfect.


By Vienna.


White fog covering the bare trees

Drizzling cold water hits the frozen ground

Leaves silently floating down to the damp dirt

Lifeless leaves lying on the dirty mud

By Sebastian

 Autu  Autumn

Shiny leaves glistening in the morning sun

Soggy wet raindrops quietly falling

Lumpy leaves decomposing in a mouldy pile

Colourful leaves: orange, brown, yellow, red, green

Strong winds and chilly frost

A changing season.

by Brodie

 There are too many bundles of crackly dead leaves.

But they are still fun in a giant mountain.

I back down the runway then I whoosh down it.

Before I take off I get a good spring in my legs.

I take off then I come hurrying down from half a meter high.

Then boom I make a giant crater.

I love the autumn leaves.

created by Daniel . 


Cold frosty mornings

Dew on your windows

Vibrant colours of lemon yellow, orange, red

Breezy blowing wind

Lumpy leaves silently falling making big huge crunchy piles

Fun to jump into like a sky diver.


 Autumn Leaves

Flat like a whoopie cushion

Leaves somersaulting in the breeze

Resetting their colours

Frosty chilly grass

Jagged damp leaves disappearing and reappearing

Frosty mist

Cold puddles and mud

I wonder what next autumn will be like.

By Levi
 Fiery golden and lemon leaves shaped like sharp pointy needles.

Flapping, fluttering all around, crashing, piling on the ground.

Droopy leaves wet and slimy.

No specific shape or size, just works of art that you can touch.

Foggy mist as thick as a wall.

20 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

Wrinkled logs long and tough in a gentle breeze.

Autumn is so cold I’m going to freeze.

By Nicole


Greenish golden yellow leaves floating to the soft ground.

Wind whispering through the trees.

Rain pouring down on the glistening grass.

Crinkly dead brown leaves scattering to dust like rusty metal.

White greyish frost everywhere.

A season of falling leaves.

By Finley


Sloppy wet leaves falling from rough trunked trees

Strong winds drifting through the sky

Red , rustling leaves like a thick carpet

Chilly temperatures in the morning

Pouring wet rain making splashy puddles

Autumn is fun!

By Luke


Leaves gliding down from deciduous trees

Flaming colours of orange, red and yellow

Piles of crackly leaves like crunchy bacon

Crushing leaves making the sound of screwed up paper

Breezy winds of mist as cold as a cooler

Slippery glass feels like a glass floor.

By Rugeo


Bare trees that look like they have died .

Leaves acting like  a carpet on the cold died freezing ground .

Foggy like smoke or misty looking like a white gloomy ghost.

 Spinning leaves glide done silently.

By Jason

 Autumn leaves

Colourful delightful and bright.

Crunchy like crumbly toast.

Mango coloured leaves falling from a height.

 Beautiful to walk through.

Branches full of water falling like a waterfall.

Awesome autumn day leaves fall right next to you.

Rotten leaves disintegrate in your hands.

Misty fog creeps upon you like a ghost.

By Kobe

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