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Hello and welcome to Hillcrest Normal School


We have a strong learner centred philosophy and our teachers strive to ensure success for every learner by shaping and pacing the curriculum to cater for their needs. We seek positive relationships with whanau and caregivers where together we support your child as a learner to be the best that they can be.

We set high expectations for curriculum achievement and are proud of our achievement record. We know that not every child will be as academically capable as another. It is important that every child develops a positive view of their strengths and knows what they need to improve on.  Working well with others, contributing to the school, the community  and beyond as  positive citizens and role models is also important to us at this school. Success at Hillcrest is a broad concept.

Change is constantly with us and  what we learn today can be out dated tomorrow therefore our learners must be able to adapt to change, to think and know how to act and respond as new opportunities present themselves. “Learning how to learn”  is important for continued success in this world.

The world has limited resources and learning to conserve, to share, to grow  and to take action for a sustainable environment is a feature of the school. This year we are wanting the community to be involved with our gardens and food growing.

We are an Asia rich multi -cultural community. In 2013 we are starting to “Re navigate” to embrace the richness of those cultures, the benefits New Zealand has from culturally diverse communities and the global links this has created for families.  We  are embracing IT as a means of learning, of sharing learning with friends and family and of communicating across boundaries.

Vision:- Developing lifelong learners who are confident, connected and actively involved in their learning.     
Mission:- Resilient and resourceful learners who are meeting challenges and achieving success.  Ma Te Mahi Ka Ora.
Outcomes:- Students are confidently engaged as active learners, through a curriculum that gives purpose to them in their own world and for the future.


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218 Cambridge Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216
PO Box 11017, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3251