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 Literacy Pro

This reading programme helps to motivate, monitor and encourage independent readers with a focus on comprehension.

We want our children to be able to choose books that they will enjoy reading and understand well what they read. The reason for this being that to understand what you are reading creates satisfaction and leads to a love of reading. To achieve this it is vital the children choose books that are age appropriate and are at the right level of difficulty.

Literacy Pro (formerly Lexile) matches books with kids. It has rated over 9,000 books with a Lexile Level. This level relates to the complexity of the concept, vocab, sentences, grammar etc in the book.

The Literacy Pro Process

· The school registers for the Literacy Pro programme and purchases a licence for each child.

· The children sit a Lexile test and they are given a Lexile score which relates to their ability to comprehend text.

· When the children have completed the test they are given a recommended Reading List which has a list of books that are appropriate for their age and ability to comprehend what they read.

· The children access and read these books. Some have a quiz which the children can sit on-line.

· Each term the children sit another Lexile test to see their improvement.

· The children are able to access the programme at school and at home at Scholastic Learning Zone with their own user name and password.

We believe that this programme will provide our children with a valuable opportunity to help them read suitable books which they comprehend well.

During their time in the Junior School children learn to read. The focus at this stage is on learning to decode text, read with fluency and comprehend what they read.

The middle school focus provides a transition from 'Learning to Read' to 'Reading to Learn'. The ability for children to comprehend texts with in depth comprehension is developed.

In the Senior school the children need to be able to comprehend text well so they can gain information from text to use in all areas of the curriculum.

Literacy Pro encourages and monitors comprehension.
If our pupils are capable readers with the ability to comprehend well, they will become lifelong readers and will succeed in all areas of the curriculum.


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