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Parents should contact the school when their child is absent.  This may be through: 

(a)              A message left on the answer phone 856 6122 (Ext 1)
(b)              A text message to 021 859 916 stating name, room and reason for absence
(c)              An email sent to enquiries@hillcrestnormal.school.nz
(d)              Advice by note to the school office

A runner is sent round all classrooms by 9.10am to collect the names of children who are marked absent on the roll with no explanation.  This list is then checked against messages received in the office.  Phone calls are then made to the parents/caregivers of children who are unaccounted for.  The system has been established to ensure the safety of all children and to monitor attendance.

All children who are late, must check in to the school office as soon as they arrive at school.

If you are planning on going away on holiday during the school term, please fill in the attached form and return it to the school office. 



07-856 6122
021 859 916
07-856 8954
218 Cambridge Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216
PO Box 11017, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3251