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A possible day in a BYOD class could look like

In Numeracy

A range of different activities taking place in the class. Some children could be working with the teacher for instructional learning, others working on digital activities and physical learning games while others could be practicing strategies both digitally and in maths books

  • Recording understanding of strategies using explain everything app. Uploading to digital portfolios to share with family at home and to use as evidence of learning and progress.

  • Viewing instructional videos and presentations to further understand a knowledge or strategy area

  • Using mathslide to maths specific apps tailored to personal learning needs

  • Using the calculator app to check and confirm understanding

In Literacy

Creating and Making meaning activities where students are using iPads for a range of uses both with the teacher, in groups and independently.

  • Using hand written plans then drafting using pages or google drive. Once complete students using a sharing/blogging tool to publish their work and receive feedback.

  • Using Popplet to plan their writing then drafting by hand. Popplet allows for ease of grouping ideas and adjusting plan as required.

  • Creating a video or voice recording of their reading to upload to their digital portfolio as evidence of learning and to share at home.

  • Supporting language learning using apps like duolingo

  • Using a range of apps such as PicCollage, Comic Life and Pages to create digital media and interactive learning activities such as advertisements, book reviews, videos and presentations.  Students are engaged and focusing on the learning rather than the medium of learning.

In Inquiry

Links Literacy and Numeracy within broader curriculum areas of inquiry framed though big ideas
e.g. Gallipoli, Energy, Kids can’t change the world can they?, Shared stories

  • Using puppetpals to share the local stories of our place.

  • Accessing virtual learning spaces as well as first hand information. e.g. Antarctic Field trips, Into the heart of a mine, The Treaty of Waitangi original documents

  • Adding a digital dimension to school productions through iMovie

  • Collaborating ideas, inserting hyperlinks and other pictures to help frame our big questions using google drive

  • Communicating with experts in their field using skype

  • Creating and recording musical ideas with Garageband

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