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Please see below a list of frequently asked questions and answers.  If you have a question that is not on this list please contact us, we are more than happy to help.

Why have iPads been chosen?
iPads have been chosen for their portability, battery life, ease of use, and because iPad devices are already used in classrooms at Hillcrest Normal.

So what happens if we don’t opt in? Im concerned about the equity of students that have devices vs. those that dont.
For every student that joins the BYOD programme by bringing a device to school, there is one less student using the class iPads, and less turn-taking for all.  This means the BYOD programme is to the benefit of every student in the class, both those joining it and those not.  We don’t use the devices for 1-1 unless we have enough for all students.

Students who bring their own device will be able to keep their own work to continue at home if they wish.  For those who don’t have their own device, they will still be able to access the school website and locate home learning or shared material.  Students who don’t have any access to IT at home can be given access before school for home learning or at lunchtime or as part of an after school care group.  

What about the ICT Suite? Isnt that enough technology use for each class?
The Library/Information centre is indeed a fabulous space with desktop computers, pods of iPads and interactive TV.  Each class is given 45 minutes per week in here with 10 computers.  The centre is also open for lunch time use for students.  But having technology in our classrooms enables us to integrate and capture learning in real time as it happens.

What is going to happen to pen and paper?
There is always a place for pen and paper. During certain times of the day, iPads will be used when needed to support student learning. Students will still be using traditional pen and paper activities, and interacting with each other face-to-face during class times.  It is about choosing the right tool for the job, whether that be pen, paper or the device.

How much is this going to cost?  
The cost of iPads and iPad Minis depend on specifications and range according to retailers. There is a wide range of costs for iPads ranging anywhere between $299-729 depending on the make and model. Often sale websites will have deals for cheaper models too, for example www.1-day.co.nz. For apps, there will be a flat $20 fee that will go towards apps being purchased for your child in their first year of the BYOD programme and $10 in each subsequent year. The school will bulk purchase these apps and push them out on a lease basis to your child’s iPad.  These apps come at a significantly discounted price with the flat $20 fee. If you already have some of the apps, the value of the apps still being received and also any future apps added, will exceed the $20 paid.  But if you would prefer however to purchase the apps yourself as opposed to leasing them from the school, then you are able to do so - the $20 app fee will not apply in this case.

How will my child’s iPad be set up ready for the classroom?
This will be done class by class as a part of our roll out process. To cater for everyone there will be an available session for each class which will be arranged with each classroom teacher.   These will be done in conjunction with our IT support technician.

What is done about keeping our children safe online at school? As parents can we have a session on safety?
With our students we go through a comprehensive in class digital citizenship programme and they are monitored online. We currently have a code of responsibility that was developed in 2012, and any breaches are reported and acted on appropriately. Trial classes will be establishing and using Hapara Dashboard to monitor and gain a bird's eye view of student work across Google Apps for Education. Additionally we Digital Citizenship responsibilities have been included in our BYOD user agreement and we are able to discuss digital safety further with you. Yes, absolutely to the last question.  We will be arranging a cybersafety session for parents in the near future.  

Has the school looked into lease options - could it be done?
This option has been looked into and discussed by the school Board of Trustees. At this stage this option is not viable for our school to provide. There are however available interest free finance options offered by many retailers for purchasing iPads.

Can you clarify insurance issues?
As the owner of the devices you are responsible for insuring your own iPad and the care of this against damage or loss.   In an event where an accident happens in which another child is responsible for the damage to your iPad, you can claim insurance from your insurance provider. If your insurance company chooses to do so, they are able to seek reimbursement from the person responsible for the damage. Much the same as having insurance for a motor vehicle.  The good news is... with our experience of iPads we have found them very robust with a protective cover and screen protector. Please be aware that there will still be an insurance cost to parents if an iPad is stolen at school. Unfortunately school insurance doesn’t cover personal belongings left at school (this is the same for teachers).

Can my iPad be left locked at school if I don’t want the device to come home?
Yes this is negotiable with your child's teacher. In situations where a student is unable to bring their iPad home then they are able to be left at school in the designated locked cupboard.  However they will only be given minimal charge if any. Due to power restrictions at school, we expect students to bring these home as often as possible, preferably every evening, to get these charged.  Additionally part of the BYOD programme is extending school learning beyond the borders of school and into the home.

See this link for further information: Plan for Enabling BYOD at Hillcrest

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