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Enabling BYOD at Hillcrest – Shifting Learners from consumers to creators through a BeL (Blended eLearning) approach

2015 Starts in year 5 and goes to years 5 and 6, in 2016 with whatever changes/ improvements arise from the trial

Starting from what we are confident and familiar with which is iPads or iPad minis.

This enables children to bring these devices to use at school, with parental permission. This is voluntary. If you join up you are part of the trial.

The trial will be over 2 years with mid-year review points in each year.

There will be a progress paper to the Board mid-year, followed by an end of year paper this year to allow any changes and planning for 2016 roll out.

Parent consultation and information sharing will occur throughout the programme and respond to issues arising from the actual trial as well as address other concerns 


Why are we taking this step now ?

·         The school has worked over the last 3 years to increase the number digital devices it has and deploys these around the teams so that everyone has a core set in their classroom and access to book out a further pod. Teaching with digital devices happens in classrooms all day long as part of the regular teaching programme right now. This is called a blended approach.

·         Letting children bring their own devices into the mix is the next logical step.

·         Working out how to do this effectively is the purpose of this trial

·         Out teachers have all undergone 3 years of professional development work to be ready for this move. They are blended e-learning teachers now.

·         We have strong leadership capability for this work through our staff and key staff commitment to do further work.

·         We are wanting to have a customised response for this site so we are commencing with a trial

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