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 Parent Code of Conduct

Parent/Caregiver Rights

A right is something that belongs to you and cannot be taken away by anyone. Staff and students and parent/caregivers have similar rights.

All have the right to be treated with respect and fairness at school

The staff will try to respond to all parents and caregivers with sensitivity and follow processes which support the intent of the Human Rights Act and have regard for the Privacy Act. when discussing with parents matters relating to the school, children and their families. Parents and caregivers are expected to pay the same courtesy to staff.

All have a right to be heard

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to talk freely about their ideas and feelings during scheduled parent teacher meetings, and through school consultation processes. Appointments should be made at appropriate times but parents may not interrupt class teaching time and should respect the need for teachers to prepare for meetings, and the desirability of any matter to be discussed in private. No teacher will conduct a discussion with parents who are abusive or threatening in their behaviour. In such cases they will be asked to leave and support may be called.

Everyone has a right to tell their side of the story

Parents are encouraged to discuss concerns and or problem behaviour and consequences with the staff member concerned in the first instance. This may also need input from senior staff and other support agencies. Whilst every child has individual rights these do not outweigh the rights of all children to a positive learning environment.

Parents and caregivers have a right to expect school to be a safe place

The school will provide safe classrooms, equipment and rules to ensure pupil safety at school.

Parent Caregiver Responsibilities

You have a responsibility to ensure your child attends school regularly

If your child is unable to attend for any reason an explanation must be given to the teacher and a phone call to school on the first day of absence is required. You need to observe school hours and may not uplift your child during the day without notification.

You have a responsibility to keep sick children home from school until they are well

To minimise the passing on of infections children who are not well need to be kept home. Parents of children who become ill at school must be prepared to take them home when notified. The office require an emergency contact number for this purpose.

You have a responsibility to ensure your children arrive at school well nourished, rested, clean and suitably clothed

Children need to be guided towards taking self-responsibility as they progress through school. Ultimately it is the parent's responsibility to ensure these needs are met.

You have the responsibility to support the school in upholding codes of student conduct, school rules and the respect of property

This means observing all agreed safety practices as well as observing playground and classroom rules. Parents are the best role models for their child. Where parents provide contrary advice to the school this causes confusion for children.

You have the responsibility to help make the school a good place to be

This means contributing where you are able to the collective life of the school, supporting your child's classroom activities, reading and responding to all messages that are sent home from school as well as being respectful thoughtful and courteous in your dealings with others.

You have the responsibility to ensure your child is supported to complete their homework tasks

All children bring home tasks which support their stage of learning. They need to have time and space to complete these and an opportunity to share them with parents. Tasks have notified time limits and need to be returned promptly. Homework should not be an onerous task for either parent or child.

You have the responsibility to ensure your child has the right equipment at school on any day

This will enable the teacher and child to progress the planned programme and have the best chance of success.


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