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 Our Values Programme

The school has clarified its values against those expected in the New Zealand Curriculum.

The values star for our school identifies six core values to be promoted.  

Throughout the year staff work with these values in their class programmes.  At the beginning of each year, classes develop a classroom treaty which is a partnership agreement between the teacher and the students.  These agreements form a strong basis for discussion and application of values in action and set a positive tone to the school.

We have worked with our kapahaka tutors to establish a Maori interpretation of the values rather than just a translation of the words and to build an understanding of how these values will look in practice under the headings of belonging, service and reciprocity.

Those of you who have had children at the school for a number of years will be aware that the school has completed in depth work on the key Competencies within the New Zealand Curriculum. Values underpin ways of relating to other, ways of participating and contributing, ways of managing self for the common good, and how our thinking and the use of language symbols and text shape this.


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